91% of all internet marketing campaigns fail! Separate yourself
from the pack by using our expert advice and technical knowhow…

Make Your Campaign Successful

How do you make sure that your online campaign isn’t part of the 91% that fail?

We believe in starting strong. Every successful online campaign begins with a good plan. We at Tell Media have developed a successful, tried-and-tested online marketing strategy built on years of research and application.

Don’t believe in the “Build It And They Will Come” approach to online marketing. It’s A Big Lie.

Elevate yourself from your competition by following our formula for success.

All Experienced Online Marketers Know That Online
Success Is Based On Asking The Right Questions:

  • 1) What are the options available?
  • 2) What tactics work for my niche?
  • 3) How can I tie all of these to create a successful marketing model that generates leads and sales 24/7?

You CANNOT just build a website and think that money is going to start hitting your bank account! Now I know you can understand that, it’s pretty simple. But yes of course you need to have a well designed website to get you started in the online word. But what next?

It then all comes back to website visitors, enquiries and then sales. So really it’s the visitors to your website that you need to focus on next. TELL MEDIA can design the perfect blueprint for you to follow to ensure that you not only get the visitors, but they are the type that want to buy from you!


Here Are Some Of The Things We Offer:

  • Complete Social Media Strategies
  • Strong Search Engine Optimisation Techniques
  • Relationship Building Email Marketing
  • Web Design with CRO in mind
  • Amazing Video Marketing
  • ROI Pay Per Click Ads
  • Advice on Market Reputation
  • Affiliate & Recruitment Marketing

Without a clear approach to online marketing, your business might end up like the 91% that fail.

The Internet Is About To Hit 1 Billion Users.
Are You Using This To Your Advantage?

If you want to be part of the successful 9%, keep reading.

We have had the privilege of working with and improving a vast amount of different businesses over the past few years. Everything from electricians to plastic surgeons, online hair extension retailers to fortune 500 companies.

During this time we have gathered incredible market intelligence and understanding that gives us major advantages over our clients competitors.

As we looked back at our previous work, we’ve found that our clients’ sales increased by and average of 4.7 times — including some as high as 7 times — in only 6 months.

The average increase in a year?

12.6 TIMES from website sales and leads!

Now, we’re not saying these things to impress you, but we want to show you how the Internet can help your business grow and be successful.

Although we don’t give out our clients’ names and results (we pride ourselves in keeping our clients confidential), here’s a particular case of how we were able to help one client:

The client already had a sizeable Facebook following of about 25,000, but their page was not being used to its potential. After digital consulting, the client was able to increase the page’s “likes” to over 30,000 AND increase Facebook sales by 50%.

To Ensure That You Get What You Pay For, We Offer 2 Options:

Web Strategy Blueprint:

Finding out you’re headed down the wrong road is frustrating to say the least. In order to avoid mistakes, we do our homework.

We make sure we dig deep and study your competition well. By doing this, we can advise you on how to structure your online campaign, where to position your leads, and how to increase your visibility.

You will walk away with a clear step-by-step strategy to increase your online activity over the next 12 months.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll be getting:

  • 1-on-1 brainstorming session to study your business from the ground up
  • Competitor research
  • Contextualized and concrete mind mapping sessions
  • 12 month rollout plan
  • Formal presentation of plans and procedures


Half Day

Full Day


Our online marketing consultants will be available for consultation at all times. You can be sure that we’ll be with you every step of the way. We are happy to be your partners: your success is our success.

We will make ourselves available for consultation in all areas of online marketing.

  • SMM & SEO Maximisation
  • Email Marketing Funnels
  • Open Web Design KPIs
  • Video Marketing That Converts
  • Implementing PPC
  • How to Position You as the Clear Market Leader
  • Affiliate & Reseller Marketing
  • Total Birds Eye View of your Strategy
  • Online Reputation Management

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