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How Search Engine Optimization Works?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a reflection of the online reputation of your business. It revolves around how easily search engines like Google can crawl and then show your website in the search results. It requires great website content, quality backlinks and advanced technical expertise to get the desired results.

SEO has changed significantly in the last few years. The approach we follow at TELL MEDIA is to give search engines what they want. It includes helpful and easily accessible information that the online users are looking for. At TELL MEDIA, we understand that SEO is a combination of marketing, technology and public relations. That is why we provide a completely customised approach for every client.

Things to consider when implementing SEO Strategy

Search engine optimisation of a website is a long term process requiring time, patience, and a custom strategy that is unique to your business. Modern SEO is designed to build up your rankings and long-term presence in the organic search engine results - where most users click. Here are a few points that worth considering when doing SEO.

  • Using valuable website content is an important factor for SEO success.
  • Find the individuals associated with your organization who can help you produce valuable content for the website.
  • Do you have unique content for your website?
  • SEO takes time.
  • There are no alternatives and shortcuts for good results.
  • Your objectives for SEO. Do you need improved website traffic, leads, enquiries or brand awareness?
  • Visibility on a number of search terms is always better than top ranking for a single term.
  • Is there any PR agency associated with your company that can promote your content?
  • Considering a 3 month promotion plan? There could be better digital marketing solutions TELL MEDIA can help you with.
  • In case you’re planning to redesign your website, the SEO from the previous site will need to migrate.

Our Approach to SEO

TELL MEDIA’s approach to SEO is different in many ways. After reviewing your company, current website ranking and where you want it to be, we break the whole SEO process in the following 6 different steps.

Market Research

Simply by performing a market research of your industry, our team will able to give you a clear picture about the possibilities to increase your website visibility on the web.

When people need to search something, they type in a few words on Google or some other search engine. We analyse the keywords that are most relevant to your company and how many people are searching them and how competitive they are.

  • Find out the areas your website lack as compare to your top competitors.
  • A complete analysis of how your current website visitors are using your website.
  • Recognizing and evaluating search engine ranking penalties for your website.


Google and other search engines favour the website which has more relevant content that the visitors are looking for. Keeping this in mind, we use a number of different strategies to help your website achieve this.

  • Latest content strategies
  • Advanced content research
  • Content creation from article to fully informative piece of content
  • Correcting existing content
  • Updating on your website

Presence on Social MediaWebsites

At TELL MEDIA, we help businesses to establish their brand across social media websites, like Facebook, Google +, and various other social media networks in order to achieve their marketing communication and branding goals.

  • Setting up your social media business accounts
  • Google+ business page setup and optimisation
  • Advice on how to communicate and answer customer’s queries on social sites
  • Showing the right path to develop new relationships with other websites

Technical Search Engine Optimisation

Making your website as search engine friendly as possible

  • Optimising website pages
  • Finding out and solving the technical SEO issues
  • Migrating the SEO benefits of an old site to the new one
  • Dealing with Search engine penalties
  • Tracking the visitors

Backlinks & Promotion

Backlinks from popular (search engine friendly) websites to your website have a significant effect on the visibility of your website in search engine results.

  • Backlink from relevant websites
  • Creating quality content for the backlinks
  • Content promotion on the websites your target audience visits

Conversion Rate Optimisation

We work with you to maximise the returns from your existing website traffic.

  • Make your web pages more relevant to the visitors
  • Identify the problems and implement the changes required
  • Track website performance after changes
  • Identify the changes that improved conversions
  • Repeat the actions until objectives are achieved

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